What our clients have to say about The Manka Academy

Owning your own business doesn’t have to be difficult or risky as long as you know how to do it. Andrzej Manka’s course shows you step-by-step what you need to do to start a profitable business. If you feel that a job does not satisfy your aspirations in life and you dream of having your own business, reach for this course and you will receive a detailed instruction manual.

Marcin Kądziołka, president of Zlote Mysli publishing house

We are all shaped by the education system to work for a living - either for the state or for private business. Almost no one teaches us how to be leaders, how to take matters into our own hands and how to build a business. The 3 Steps to Dream Business Owner course fills this gap perfectly. If you really want to create a successful business and successfully grow it, be sure to attend!

Tomasz Król, graphic designer

I reached for the e-book: 12 Steps to a Profitable Online Business, because I wanted to organize my knowledge regarding running my own business fully remotely. I often distrust free materials, but this one surprised me a lot! On the plus side, of course! It’s a quick read, it’s really interestingly written and contains a lot of knowledge and inspiration. I found only useful information and already after reading it I knew that it is worth reaching for more. Now I’m continuing with The Manka Academy Club and I’m also very satisfied. I recommend it to all freelancers as well as those running larger companies.

Martyna Salewska, owner of a content marketing agency Let Us Help

A personalized approach, authentic support and a lot of unique, proven knowledge

Przemek Gostomski, author of Changer

An incredible quantity of useful material- high-quality content that accelerates the development of your own business projects. Highly recommended!

Michał Czuchryta, author of a website dedicated to a healthy lifestyle

All the tips that are included here are easily digestible and, moreover, extremely practical - you can and absolutely should put them into practice right away.

Edyta, real estate brokerage

This is a real compendium of financial knowledge which has been presented in a simple and interesting format.

Wiesław Kluz

I belong to that group of people who don’t have any problem with money, so I started reading the course with a certain dose of scepticism. Much to my surprise, every session of this course revealed unknown facts about the world of finance presented from various inspiring perspectives. The course is written in an attractive and understandable way.

Przemysław Gros

Information in this online course is presented in a simple and easy style. All the know-how is very practical so you can start applying it immediately.


I am so glad that financial stuff finally made sense to me in the form of this online personal finance course. I now focus on implementing tips from the course. I was even able to adjust my budget to the model presented in one of the first sessions of the course.

Artur Szewczyk

The course will give you unique knowledge that is not accessible in training courses.

Aleksandra Wysockia-Zańko

This course is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to gain control of their financial life. The hazards are real, the financial sessions solid, and the charts handy, if you find yourself dwelling on a few of the verses at the end of the sessions that might not be such a bad thing. Of course, the primary task is to get started managing and growing your financial future. Andrzej Manka’s guide will certainly help you take forward steps on this exciting journey.

Elizabeth Ann Lawless

Andrzej Manka has put together an excellent personal finance primer for anyone interested in personal finance management. I was very impressed with the overall content and the specific advice provided.

James L. Paris

Great initiative, really worth your time and money!

Marianna Garus, licensed financial advisor and co-editor of the Entrepreneur's Finances website

With The Manka Academy you can build a great business, as well as invest, multiply your money and have a lot of fun while doing it!

Dr. Andrzej Fesnak, European Financial Consultant, author of books on finance and business, business trainer

Thanks to The Manka Academy Club, I was able to work on my profitable business much faster and plan to earn at a much higher level.

Adam Lukasiak, university teacher currently expanding towards new opportunities

When I started working with The Manka Academy LTD I already had a lot of experience in online businesses. I created blogs, recorded popular videos, wrote ebooks and sold them. But only now I can clearly see not only what I did right, but also what mistakes I made and what I should do to make my business grow and bring more and more profit.

Michał Czuchryta, author of a website dedicated to a healthy lifestyle

Founding a business seemed difficult and complicated until I came across The Manka Academy LTD's individual mentoring program. It turns out that business can be learned quickly and effectively. The meetings are very intensive, I get specially prepared materials that enable me to work on my own business. I now have everything I need to finally start my own business!

Adam Łukasiak, university teacher who is open to new opportunities